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Writing / Schreiben

I love to write poems and stories on all sorts of topics. I recently published a poem for selective mutism awareness in a book titled “Quiet”. Another poem is part of an anthology on Greek gods called “Immortal Hymns”. I also published a guidebook for bargain hunters. I author academic reviews as well as reviews of new products and books I have read. At the moment, I am writing my first novel. Isn’t that exciting? Please see my publications list for more information.


Antje Bothin

Talkative at home, happy and loud
But quiet and withdrawn in a crowd
Silent at school and in the shop
Does this selective mutism ever stop?

It is not a choice
This hiding of the voice
When people are around
There is no sound.

Like a sudden freeze
Being in a tight squeeze
Unable to talk
Nowhere to walk.

Observing and listening is easy to do
But asking and joining in is hard to pursue
Keep trying and trying again
Nothing is ever in vain.

If people only knew
That kindness is the thing to do
Inclusion, no pressure and some fun in life
Is all that is needed to thrive!

“Absolutely brilliant!” (A reader’s testimonial)

“Your poem is just wonderful. So well put together and has so many lovely words and sentiments.” (Another reader’s testimonial)

Incredibly Invisible

Antje Bothin

Invisibility was her natural superpower
She could do it every minute and every hour

She could miraculously hide herself away
She had absolutely nothing to say

Her mind had the words ready in a crowd
But her voice could never be heard aloud
Nobody could see her stare
Because she wasn’t really there

She could dress in red or green
And she wouldn’t actually be seen
She could do whatever she pleased
Nobody would notice if she sneezed

She could even take things and leave
But people wouldn’t in the slightest perceive
The signs that she had been present at all
Even if she suffered a terrible fall

But she is free now, happy and strong
The things she does usually never go wrong

Because invisibility is her incredible superpower
And she is proud of it like a radiant sunflower!

Ich schreibe sehr gerne Gedichte und Geschichten über alles Mögliche. Ich habe kürzlich ein Gedicht in einem Buch mit dem Titel “Quiet” (dt. ruhig) im Rahmen einer Aufklärungskampagne über selektiven Mutismus veröffentlicht. Ein anderes Gedicht ist Teil einer Anthologie über griechische Götter namens “Immortal Hymns” (dt. unsterbliche Hymnen). Ich habe auch einen Ratgeber für Schnäppchenjäger veröffentlicht. Ich verfasse akademische Gutachten sowie Rezensionen über neue Produkte und Bücher, die ich gelesen habe. Momentan schreibe ich an meinem ersten Roman. Aufregend, oder? Weitere Informationen gibt es in der Liste meiner Veröffentlichungen.